He Who Pays the Piper….

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As the old saying goes, “He who pays the piper dictates the tune” but Telco operators hardly take into account the needs or preferences of customers in product or service design.

Standards for product development demand that product ideas be tested with end users before they are commercially developed. Most telcos however continue practicing what I call inward-outward thinking, believing they know what is best for the customer and implement their designs accordingly.

Maybe the challenge lies in the fact that they (telcos) have had a captive market for a very long time and have become accustomed to dictating to those holding the reigns over their businesses. No wonder digital natives such as Amazon and Google have been taking them to the cleaners.

However, I do believe all hope is not lost. Telcos, with some help, are able to resuscitate their game and return to a position where they know, and as a result care more for the customer. As custodians of customers, this will be essential if they are to avoid extinction.

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