juvo Credit where credit’s due

Credit where credit’s due – Reducing churn and boosting ARPU    “Total Telecom met with Luciano Ramos, group CTO for Cable and Wireless, and Steve Polsky, founder and CEO of financial access firm Juvo, to discuss how the provision of small scale credit is revolutionising (via Mobile credit) the way telcos do business throughout the Read more about Credit where credit’s due[…]

Great Telco Debate 2017

Great Telco Debate 2017 Confirms Customer Myopia

The always thought provoking Great Telco Debate took place on 29 November in London, attended by over 100 leading figures from the industry.  Telco CxO delegates discussed their priority issues with analysts from information and consulting partners.  The selection of issues, as well as reactions to them, revealed that the Telco networks still have great Read more about Great Telco Debate 2017 Confirms Customer Myopia[…]

BBVA Digital Transformation

Spanish bank BBVA invests in Quarterly planning sessions

BBVA Digital Transformation Encouraging to see BBVA (Spain’s second-largest bank) adopting new ways of working commonplace for start-ups to accelerate its digital transformation. Reported by The Economist,‘BBVA, a Spanish bank, reinvents itself as a digital business’ (registration may be required): ‘BBVA, Spain’s second-largest bank, began quarterly planning sessions like this three years ago, in its Mexican Read more about Spanish bank BBVA invests in Quarterly planning sessions[…]

Telco XaaS Opportunitities

XaaS Telco opportunity?

The image above is from the report Have MNOs Grasped the XaaS Opportunity? from the Maximising Wireless Profit program published by Mobile Market Development.  It illustrates how little Mobile operators have so far addressed what could be a major opportunity with XaaS to become truly customer centric. XaaS: a Telco opportunity in the cloud To Read more about XaaS Telco opportunity?[…]

Ideal Customer Model Fragment

Failures in Customer Perception – Expensive and Common

All enterprises seek to serve their customers better or more cost-effectively. A clear understanding of the customer is essential to developing winning products and services but, far too often, the customer is misperceived to an extent that seriously hampers success. The two common failures are projection and refraction, either of which means that propositions miss their target. Read more about Failures in Customer Perception – Expensive and Common[…]

Matrixx Software Study, the future of customer ownership

The Future of Customer Ownership

The Future of Customer Ownership Where does the future of customer ownership lie? A ‘Matrixx Software’ survey showed that over 64% of the 3,077 respondents would swap their mobile operator for a mobile service from their favourite Apps – Amazon, Netflix, Paypal, eBay. The respondents, who are from the UK and USA, cited main reasons Read more about The Future of Customer Ownership[…]

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Benefiting from Regulatory Statutes

KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER – Are Regulators a Hidden Godsend? Know Your Customer (KYC) exercises are a constant regulatory imperative across industry and geographies. This permits States and their Regulators to tackle  security risks, fraud, and money laundering activities. As with the States, I believe KYC also offers  immense value to businesses. A PwC article titled ‘Turning Read more about Benefiting from Regulatory Statutes[…]

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